DR. S. A. Raju Bagadi

Contact details
Scientist - 'D'

Room No. 210, Tumor Biology Laboratory,

National Institute of Pathology (ICMR),

Safdarjung Hospital Campus, Post Box No.4909

New Delhi-110029, India

Telephone No. +911126169791

+91-1126198402-06, Ext.311

E mail: bsaraju@icmr.org.in, bsaraju@rediffmail.com

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Research Interests of Laboratory:

Broad Areas of Research:

¨ Biology and Biomarker Discovery of Breast Cancer

¨ Epigenetics of Breast Cancer

¨ Role of Non-coding  RNAs in Breast Cancer


The main focus of our laboratory is to understand molecular pathogenesis of breast cancer, particularly to identify key molecules and epigenetic alterations that are involved during the process of transformation of normal mammary cells into cancer cells.  Particularly, we are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in breast tumorigenesis in young patients (<40 years). In this direction we have established two cell lines from early onset breast tumors(<40 years) of Indian origin. Further, we identified gene expression and methylation profiles associated with early onset (<40 years of age) and late onset (>55 years of age) breast cancers to understand the key pathways and genes involved in breast tumorigenesis in young patients. We would like to explore the mechanical aspects of these genes identified by the genomics approaches.

Cancer stem cells are recently shown to be responsible for development of resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs rendering tumors difficult for treatment with these drugs; hence it is interesting to explore the underlying mechanisms; As part of one of our ongoing projects we are analysing unique molecular signatures associated with cancer stem cells, to identify molecules that are responsible for the stem cell features exhibited by  cancer cells with the hope that  it will enable us to identify molecular targets to design effective therapeutic approaches to fight against breast cancer.