Research from Lab to Bed
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Admission to Ph.D. Program

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Diplomat of National Board (DNB)
The Institute imparts long term residential training leading to the Post-Graduate Level Training Programme in the speciality of Pathology. The Institute has been    recognized by the National Board of Examinations, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for training of students in the discipline of Pathology. This residential training programme of students with the bachelor degree in Medicine involves training for a period of three years while the training period for the students with post-graduate diploma in Pathology is for a period of two years. So far, the Institute has trained 15 students.  The degree of Diplomate National Board (DNB Pathology) is treated at par with the postgraduate degree of M.D in Pathology as approved by the Medical Council of India. In order to impart a good and strong base in the field of Pathology, the trainees are given exposure in the regional and national level seminars/workshop/conferences in subjects of interest in general and pathology in particular. In order to acquire in depth knowledge, various programmes of CME are extended through the intranet system. The students get the opportunity of attending the guest lectures delivered by renowned pathologists. The track record of the students who have qualified the DNB has been satisfactory and it is hoped that the performance of the trainees would be comparable to that of students of premier Institutions with the improvement and quality of teaching as well as the latest facilities available by way of state-of-art facilities available at the National Institute of Pathology.

The Post-Graduate Level Training Programme in the speciality of Pathology continued during 2009-10. During the year, two students were admitted in the DNB course at National Institute of Pathology:
Dr. Sherry Khanna
Dr. Manav Sawhney
The following three students who appeared for the DNB Theory Exam held in December 2009 have come out with flying colours:
Dr. Shweta Aggrwal
Dr. Binita Sinha
Dr. Sonal Agarwal