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Admission to Ph.D. Program

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Study on gene expression and hypermethylation profiles in early-onset breast cancer - DBT
Establishment and characterization of breast cancer cell lines from primary breast cancers - ICMR Task Force
Study on microsatellite instability in androgen receptor gene, p53 gene polymorphisms and expression profile of mismatch repair genes in prostate carcinoma - DST
Characterization of host immune profile associated with progression of superficial TCC of bladder by microarray analysis- ICMR
Expression of activator and target genes of nuclear Factor-kappa b (NF-KB) transcription factor in acute leukemia- ICMR
Role of tobacco use in causation of cancer in north-east India - ICMR Task Force
Effect of pesticide exposure in causation of cancer in north east india - ICMR Task Force
Role of chlamydial heat shock proteins in pathogenesis of genital tract infection in women - DRDO
Effect of sex hormones on induction of immunity by dendritic cells in female reproductive tract during Chlamydia trachomatis infection - DBT - INDO US CRRH
Role of C. pneumoniae in coronary artery disease (CAD) patient: -  DST
Drug resistance in visceral leishmaniasis - European Commission
Analysis of localized and circulating immune responses in patients of cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by leishmania tropica -  DRDO
Investigation into the utility of a patented synthetic thermo-reversible hydrogel polymer as supportive matrix towards the development of 3-d composite skin for application in wound healing and other dermatological disorders - ICMR
Assessment of pesticide exposure in tea garden workers of north-eastern state of India (HEBM) - ICMR