Research from Lab to Bed
Cell Biology Laboratory
The Cell Biology Lab is situated in room number 411 on the third floor. The lab is involved exclusively with translational Research activity. The lab has so far developed a cost-effective technology for rapid culture of human epidermal keratinocyte stem cells towards the production of Cultured Epithelial Autografts. In the process, the lab produced two patents and several publications so far. The product is fully characterized and is ready for clinical translation. The lab is further involved with the development of similar but non-xenogeneic products and employs routinely the mitotic Index assay using BrdU labeling, specialized culture methods, clonal analysis, Immunocytochemistry, electron microscopy, flow-cytometry, PCR etc.
The lab is currently looking for a commercial collaboration for large-scale clinical application studies in burns patients with the Cultured Epithelial Autografts as recommended by NAC-SCRT. A dedicated Clean Room facility is also being planned at the main building of the institute for growing clinical grade Cultured epithelial Autografts. The clinical trial is planned in collaboration with the Burns Division of Safdarjung Hospital.

Group Leader:
  • Dr.Lakshamana K Yerneni, MSc, PhD, Scientist E.

  • Group members:
  • Dr.RishiMan Chugh PDF (ICMR)
  • Mr.Amal Dev JRF (ICMR)
  • Bijendera Kumar Jaswalia: Technician C
  • Mr.Manoj Sejwal, Technician A

  • Collaborators:
  • Dr. Karoon Aggrawal
  • Director-Professor,
  • Dept of Burns, Pl. & Max Facial Surgery
  • Safdarjung Hospital,
  • New Delhi

  • In addition to access to central instruments, the lab has a modern cell and tissue culture laboratory equipped with the following.
    1. Biohazard Class II A2 culture cabinets of class 100 (NSF certified).
    2. CO2 incubators of class 100.
    3. Liquid Nitrogen containers.
    4. Inverted Phase Contrast microscope with fluorescent attachment (Nikon) and multi-utility stage incubator with Temperature and CO2 control.
    5. Monochrome Camera system with Image pro express software for multiple fluorescent imaging and image handling and analysis.
    6. Zoom Macroscope (Wild)
    7. Deep Freezer, -70oC (Thermo)
    8. Thermal Cycler (ABS)
    9. Hybridization Oven, Microfuge, Refrigerated centrifuge.
    10. Wide spectrum (UV) Multi-chamber plate reader
    11. Sterilization equipment (Autoclave, Sanyo), Media preparation and all other minor basic equipment.